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Healing the Brokenhearted

Through Tears and Sugar Cubes is not merely a story of one person’s experience with sexual abuse, rather a guidebook and road map to overcoming the horrific trauma experienced by the victims. Many are living life through dark-colored glasses and, while the external wounds heal, the internal wounds are either still bleeding or have been pushed down so far that darkness covers them. Gibson guides readers into a realm of healing that many may not know exists and offers hope beyond what they could imagine. She shows that emotional healing is found at the Cross and is as easy to come by as anything else God has to offer. More than a memoir, Gibson fearlessly addresses many issues facing people today, reaching beyond sexual abuse to any bondage that may be holding people of all ages and backgrounds back from living this life to the fullest.

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The night that "heaven touched earth" was only days after I tried to commit suicide . God spoke to me as I lay In the floor weeping and asking Him "Where were You? Why didn't you save me?". I heard Him say that He was there saying "Stop, don't hurt her". "Don't do this". He said He loved me and hurt for me. He picked me up like a China doll and stood me on my pain. He used my past to make my future!! It was beneath my feet! He showed me my future ministry to abused women. Every since then, when I minister to people who are having terrible flash backs, I lay hands on their heads and their minds are healed from those memories. He taught me that the keys to emotional and mental freedom directly from His Word. God wants His children completely whole. Abuse victims go years even lifetimes with there minds in bondage. But through Jesus, broken hearts are healed.

Linda Gibson

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